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12/27/11 update

And we’re back! Just two new panels to ease back into things, but you meet an average of one and a half new characters per panel, so that’s pretty cool. Also! Exciting news!! I’ve been getting lots of great fan art, so I made a fan art tumblr to hold it all! Check it out, or sumbit your own!!


Thank you for bearing with me through finals! Real updates should resume within the next few days, but in the meantime, here’s the finished, inked and colored, interactive version of that library of Alexandria comic. Why not check it out? There’s ancient Romans and big library full of flammable scrolls and burning things, so it’s practically like a Water Clock update

11/11/11 update

        Hey! There’s a new update!! It’s a bit late, but at least it gets to be uploaded on a super cool date like 11/11/11 so there’s always a bright side to things.          

Update Schedule

Okay, I’m still feeling things out, but from the replies I’ve gotten, it seems like having some sort of consistent update schedule is more important than the batch vs. individual panel question. So! Let’s try this for the update schedule: The comic will update every Thursday. There will probably be five or more panels a week, but during finals or