straw poll: would you prefer pages uploaded in batches like this, or for me to just put up individual panels as soon as they’re done?


I think posting in batches will help with pacing — you can assume that the readers will read in batches, and thus won’t get lost in the middle. On the other hand, it might feel nicer to make these panels into a page, and post a page at a time…
It’s completely your choice, but too many comics I find I stop reading for a while, or they go on hiatius, and when I/they come back, I’ve rather lost the plot — and with a complex strip, regaining the plot can be … difficult.
On a completely different note, I started reading your stuff partway though … er, your first one. The Dreamlands? I can’t seem to find any reference to it’s existence … and then all the way through Heliothaumic… and now into The Water Clock… hope you manage to stick with this one, or give it an ending when it’s time is done.

@theorbtwo: The midlands was the comic you mentioned. There’s a copy of the full archive being passed about here and there.

I vote for updating as soon as each thing is finished. As always, my hunger for new content is insatiable.

It would also help if you set up an RSS feed.

I’m inclined towards some kind of page layout myself. Individual panels seem harder to track the narrative/action with.

That said, I’m going to keep reading either way, so whatever works best for you.

If it’s going to be in batches, I’ll just delete the bookmark – I don’t like spoilers or archive trawling to figure out what just happened.

Honestly, I’d prefer a schedule regardless of frequency. (I’m fine with having one panel a week, but long waits make me forget.)

I prefer page-by-page updates for the same reason as b; it’s frustrating to page back to where I left off or constantly update my bookmarks. Page-by-page means I check back once a day and admire the art.

Agreed on the set schedule. Long dry periods for no apparent reason make me lose interest and stop reading. And I would vastly prefer a full page over panels. Even if the update is only once a week of a nice page, I would be very happy instead of dissapointed to only see one panel, even if that panel is as lovely as the one above. Love your art and creative worlds, but if you’re aiming for a coherent story that you’re going to stick to this time? Better set some boundaries for yourself.

I don’t care. One at a time is nice for those of us who like to check regularly, batces are cool for story arcs. I’m good with either, I follow people who do both, or even neither…

Thing is, I remember grad school. If you want to go on a schedule of any kind, you’re gonna need a good sized buffer, and add to it when you can in fits and starts, ’cause you never know when your real work’s gonna get hard.

On the other hand, your followers should really understand that, as an artist and creator, we need to be grateful for anything you’re able to give us – I know I felt that way about Heliothaumic, which I loved, even in its winding-down days. So go with what makes you feel comfortable. And never, NEVER feel guilty about neglecting it for short periods of time when the schoolwork gets heavy!

Thanks for what you do, and for this peek into your mind.

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