well yes, but then he seems to be a fairly young king… i mean Pharaoh.

also how do you pronounce these names?

Intef is pretty much the way it looks, “IN-teff”. Ahmose is a little more interesting – it could nearly be pronounced “almost” without the l or the t, but some egyptian linquists believe the h sound should be gutterally aspirated, making it more like “ach-mose” with a German “ach”

Note; I am neither a linguist nor an Egyptologist. The real expert is RMG!

obviously, we’ll never really know how egyptian names were pronounced without access to a time machine, what with the lack of vowels and all, but for what it’s worth, i tend to say it ah-moze.

well nice to know, and rmg… since its your comic ah-moze works

also also… do i detect a lack of enthusiasm from Our Faceless Minion?

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