This is fucking shit, heliothaumic was slightly less shit, dump all this crap and pick up where you were with the midlands you twat! Thats why your fan-base is non-existent now, NO MIDLANDS = NO LIKEY!

I don’t know, Edderd, maybe you’re being too harsh; I really liked Heliothaumic. I wasn’t around for Midlands. In the end though, isn’t it the artist who gets to choose what he or she does?

As a fan from the Heliothaumic’s first half, I think that the troll should go back to the archives. You’re a talented artist and storyteller, and I’m looking forwards to seeing what you do with a coherent narrative!

As a fan from about halfway into the Midlands run, I’d have to disagree with Edderd there. I liked the characterizations and some of the world building in Midlands A LOT, but it had been running for a long time without a master plan and it showed in several ways. I understand the decision to end it. I still miss Silth… but hey, it had a good long run, and we have the archives.

Heliothaumic I was less a fan of, though I still basically liked it. It took a plot point as insane as “lesbian elf vampire from the moon” and made it both realistic and scary. Well, mostly realistic.

Any rate, I’m still enjoying what you’ve done so far on this latest run. I miss the future/pseudo-fantasy elements, but ancient Egypt has a lot to recommend it.

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