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Full Name: Djetmet

Government: Hereditary Monarchy

Capital: Tawniwt

Ruler: Disputed. King Intef II rules over Southern Djetmet, King Ramose rules over Northern Djetmet.

The oldest, richest, and most populous nation in Okeanos, Djetmet, though still possessing wealth and luxury that dazzles even the haughtiest Megalonesian or Midnortherner, is currently crippled by a dynastic crisis. While young King Intef II, the eldest surviving child of Intef I and his primary Queen Consort, presides over the southern agricultural heartlands of the Upper Iteru, his half-brother Ramose, the middle-aged son of a minor queen of Intef I's, holds Northern Djetmet, including, most critically, the delta of the Iteru River, Djetmet's gateway to the rest of the Okeanic world, and many of Intef I's eighty children support Ramose's claim, seeing Intef II as a callow youth, without the wisdom and experience of his older half-brother, the eldest of all of Intef I's children.

The rich trading empire that Intef I and his mother King Nitiqreti XVI presided over is now withering on the vine, as southern grains pile up in warehouses along the Upper Iteru, while overburdened Delta farmlands struggle just to support the great port cities straddling the river's mouth, with hardly any surplus left for export.



The First Kingdom

The Second Kingdom

Nitiqreti the Great

The First Empire

The Second Empire



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