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Full Name: Kingdom of Neapoikia

Government: Hereditary Monarchy

Capital: Apoikiapolis

Ruler: King Philodelphos XI

Originally a loose alliance of Eosonic colonies, constant conflict with the empire of Mahabum have transformed Neapoikia into a strong kingdom forged in blood, fire, and iron. They consider themselves the guardians of the North, the bulwark preventing the dastardly Mahabumi hordes from sweeping across the Middle North and burning the ancient city states of the Eosonic League.

A fierce martial tradition and a reputation for fielding hoplites who don't mess around doesn't automatically translate into geopolitical success, and while ancient kingdoms like Djetmet and Gaiochopol have reinvented themselves as maritime powers connected to the greater Okeanic world, Neapoikia's kings are finding themselves more and more indebted to the merchant princes of Megalonesos. The Megalosnesians are happy to have access to tens of thousands of Neapoikian phalanxes bought and paid for by Megalonesian gold, however, so the renowned military of Neapoikia remains a force to be reckoned with.

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