Republic of Veturii

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Full Name: Republic of Veturii

Government: Republic de jure, hereditary dictatorship de facto

Capital: Veturii

Ruler: Princeps Lucius Veturius Corvus

Founded: A.I. 0

Originally a tiny city state full of uncouth barbarians with something to prove to the rest of Northern Okeanos, within the last two centuries Veturii has rapidly consolidated its hold over the volcanic isles of the Middle North, and is now greedily eyeing the rest of Northern Okeanos. 119 years ago, they "overthrew" their emperor and proclaimed a Republic, but with Gaius Veturius Corvus Magnus, scion of the gens Veturia for which the city of Veturii was named, firmly steering the rudder of state as princeps, the old Eosonic democracies of the Laodamasian League weren't fooled for a second, and to the ancient kingdoms of Djetmet and Mahabum, well, what goes on north of Megalonesos is the North's business.

Their boundless ambition and lust for conquest is well-known throughout Okeanos, but with their legions mired fighting woad-covered barbarians in Albesaria and Dunomia, its rival powers are mostly unconcerned. At some point, the fledgling "Republic" will step on the toes of Gaiochopol, Megalonesos, or Djetmet, and finally be brought to heel. The legions under the leadership of Gaius Veturius and his son Lucius are reputed to be able to make mincemeat of organized phalaxes of hoplites and hordes of screaming barbarians alike, but the Veturians are no sailors, and sea power is the key to controlling Okeanos.

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